Super PLC
The Super PLCs come with many built-in advanced features, including a ready-to-use Ethernet port, fast 32-bit CPU, analog I/Os and connection ports for other devices - all at affordable prices. Programming of Super PLCs is kept user-friendly with the powerful i-TRiLOGI Ladder + BASIC Software. Best of all, you get a FREE Web HMI with every Super PLC!
SmartTILE CPU Board
The Smart TRi Integrated Logic Engine (SmartTILE) enables OEMs to custom-build an affordable yet powerful in-house Super PLC for their own line of equipment products. Simply design one’s own carrier I/O board and snap on the SmartTILE and program it using the i-TRiLOGI Ladder + BASIC Software.
PLC Peripherals
Triangle Research offers a range of accessories for use with TRi PLCs. They have been thoroughly tested to work with the TRi PLCs for which they are marked as compatible. The use of some of these accessories with other makes of PLCs may or may not be supported and should be checked with TRi's support team in advance.
Classic PLC
The TRi Classic PLCs each broke new ground in the world of PLC automation and design when released. These PLCs have a long, proven track record and are ideal as intelligent, low-cost local controllers within sophisticated distributed systems, under the command of a Super PLC or a PC.