Download of i-TRiLOGI version 6 & 7 (Educational)
Ladder+BASIC Simulation software

Download Procedure
(last update: May 2, 2016)

  1. Download JRE: This new versions of i-TRiLOGI (Educational) 6.51 and 7.11 requires 32-bit Java 2 Run Time Environment (JRE) >= version 1.6 before the i-TRiLOGI program can run. Many newer PCs may have already been shipped with a version of Java Run-Time Environment (JRE). If you do not already have any JRE installed on your PC or you only have a 64-bit JRE on your PC, then please download the suitable JRE version for your operating system from
  1. Download the i-TRiLOGI (Educational) Setup files as shown in the following link:

i-TRILOGI Version 6 & 7  (Ladder + BASIC) - SetupTL7Edu.exe

Important Notes:

a) The SETUP PASSWORD  required is provided  in the SAME EMAIL that you received that led you to this web page. Once Installation is completed you can run the program from "Start -> i-TRiLOGI (Educational) 6 & 7.

b) We recommend you install the program in the default  folder (C:\TRiLOGI). DO NOT install in the "C:\Program Files" folder.  This is because i-TRiLOGI stores its configuration and data files into the subfolder within the TRiLOGI folder and Windows normally block the program from writing into the "C:\Program Files" folder unless it is run as administrator.

  1. Online Help files:  

  2. Download  the TL6 and TL7 Reference Manual from:



How is Educational Version different from Production version?

The Educational versions of TRiLOGI are complete (not a crippled version) software package  for learning about PLC programming and for users to evaluate the power of Ladder Logic or Ladder+BASIC software programming. There is no performance limitation and you are able to create and save your programs on a local hard disk, simulate the programs and print them out as hardcopies. The program files you created using the Educational version are identical to that of the Production version so you can write and test your entire program to make sure that it can do what you want before purchasing the PLCs for actual applications!

The Educational version of TRiLOGI  is almost identical in every aspect to the Production version of  TRiLOGI, except that:

  1. ITRiLOGI (Educational) does not include the web server:  "TLServer" which can turn your PLC into a web server to allow you to remotely load the TRILOGI as an applet using a web browser so that you can remotely program/monitor your PLC via the Internet.
  1. it does not allow you to connect to a PLC or the TLServer for programming and monitoring of PLC operation.

However, we do provide  mock-up simulated sessions for program transfer and on-line monitoring so that you can have a feel of the actual process of PLC programming and on-line monitoring.